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phillip toledano


Phillip Toledano for The New Yorker

In the latest issue of the New Yorker, Phillip Toledano photographs Bertrand Might, a happy five-year-old who loves school, music and movies. However, Bertrand is also the first documented case of N-glycanase deficiency, an extremely rare genetic disorder that complicates recycling of cellular waste.

Bertrand lives with his supportive and loving family in Salt Lake City, Utah. Read the full article here. To learn more about Bertrand and N-glycanase deficiency, you can also follow the family's blog.

David Drebin Featured in ProMaxBDA Exhibition, Conference and Auction in New York City

David Drebin was chosen to join a distinguished selection of photographers to contribute an image to ProMaxBDA's third annual "TEN" exhibition and auction. Drebin donated an iconic image of Diane von Furstenberg, originally shot for Le Monde. All proceeds from Drebin's sale benefited Promo Pathways, an educational program that trains youth from underrepresented communities to foster a career in the entertainment marketing industry.

Read more about the event here.


Phillip Toledano shares his journey as a new parent in his 2014 publication, The Reluctant Father. While previously examining his own father in the 2012 best-selling book Days With My Father, Toledano now navigates his hesitant approach to a role that has always fascinated him.

Although most new parents become weepy eyed at just the mention of a new addition to their family, Toledano did not feel the same instant connection and overwhelming love that he felt was expected of him. He described trying to bond with his daughter as synonymous with, "trying to have a relationship with a sea-sponge, or a single-cell protozoa." However, as his daughter ages into a young toddler, the photographs and evolve into a narrative of her curiosity for life and connection with her father.

Read more about The Reluctant Father here or purchase it here.