Theraflu - The Right to Rest and Recover

CASEY’s new short The Right to Rest and Recover brings awareness to the pressures of unpaid leave

The spot promotes a fund to help families across the U.S. offset the lost wages of taking a sick day.


For many Americans, taking a sick day is a gamble between their own or their families’ health and their financial, professional, and even food security. An unpaid leave is often, and in more ways than one, simply unaffordable. 

The Right to Rest and Recover, produced by CASEY, is part of a campaign to help offset the lost wages these families sacrifice by taking unpaid time off from work to recover or care for loved ones. The short documentary was directed by Emmy Award winner Raquel Marvez and takes poetic look at the lives of three women as they navigate the phone calls, trials, and repercussions of a single sick day. 


The film promotes the homonymous fund established by Theraflu in a partnership with nonprofit Good+Foundation to help thousands of families without paid leave across the country. It is a collaboration between CASEY, Wunderman Thompson, and CaST