"Wanting to dig a bit deeper into the creative psyche when it begins to be problematic we decided to collaborate with two musicians who bravely opened up their more vulnerable nature to us. They were willing to open their closets to reveal the skeletons within.

These monsters come out particularly when the creative process breaks down in the lonely dark moments as we struggle to find inspiration. In this project we wanted to personify and show these monsters when they emerge from the shadows.

Gabriel Auguste deep in a session has hit that moment where the adrenaline rushed too freely and beginning to transform to the “usual suspect” of hypochondria. The cables, normally a friendly functional piece of equipment have metamorphosised into Triffid style tenticles which seem to taunt our artist.

Owlle’s fear forms into a familiar yeti style alter-ego. The relationship whilst problematic is somehow intimate."

“My biggest fear: not being amazed by anything anymore, feeling paralysed to the point of not wanting to do what I love.


The presence of the Yeti creates is a very accurate interpretation it is strangely reassuring. If it is there, it means that I am alive and well” Owlle

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thecloset_OWLLE-188 copie