Off the Street Club Silent Auction / Formento & Formento, Bill Phelps, Paul Barbera

On December 1st artists at CASEY were proud to participate in a silent auction benefiting the Off the Street Club in Chicago. Original prints from Formento & Formento, Bill Phelps, and Paul Barbera were donated to raise money for the organization.
'The Off The Street Club  is an amazing, vibrant place that serves as a place where 3000 kids on Chicago¹s West Side in Garfield Park have the chance to be safe, play sports, do homework, learn art, roller skate, write poetry, play music, perform in theater, learn cooking, go to summer camp and otherwise experience what they call the "casual joy" of childhood most of us take as a given.
The Chicago advertising community, while typically in competition with one another come together collectively to support the Off The Street Club and are responsible for the bulk of their fundraising. The biggest fundraiser of the year is the Off The Street Club Holiday Luncheon which this year will be on December 1st at the Swissotel in downtown Chicago. This is typically attended by about 1000 people and is populated by Chicago ad agency people, clients and corporate CEOs.
The Off The Street Club takes no public funding and that way they are able to keep gangs out of the club.'
- Liz Miller-Gershfeld
Energy BBDO
VP, Executive Art Producer
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