Nick & Chloé's Tu Danses

Tu-Danses -- Nick & Chloé from CASEY on Vimeo.

Nick & Chloé created Tu Danses for electronic musician, Gabriel Auguste. Exploring the theme of slow dance through the gaze of youth, this is the second chapter in Nick & Chloé's Slowset project. 

"Believing that the slow dance is nearing extinction, here is our call to arms to nurture and revive this classic courting ritual. The contemporary dance and music world has turned their back on this mystical, awkward but pragmatic way to encounter the “object of your desire”. Our gaze fixed downwards on smart phones missing the human life in our proximity. We went back to Berlin, renowned for its techno, mono dancing scene. We gathered a cast of teenagers to come along to our neo futuristic set which acted as a kind of “quarantine zone” where they could practise the art of the Slow Dance without ridicule."