Mercedes Benz - Lead the Charge - For the Masters - Directed by Cokau

CASEY partners with Mercedes-Benz & Merkley to create a groundbreaking campaign for the new EQ fleet premiering at the Masters

The five spots span everything from practical special effects to CGI and were directed by French duo Cokau who are exclusive with CASEY in the US

Mercedes’ revolutionary EQ fleet needed a visual language just as bold as its models for a launch during the iconic Masters Tournament. No one better suited than Cokau, the directorial team of Achille Coquerel—a former chief editor—and Thomas Kauffman—former motion designer.

The approach: to portray the cars accelerating through naturalistic tunnels of long-exposure light. But a volumetric lighting stage allowed the filmmakers to maintain a high-fidelity premium feel of the models, while flawlessly simulating real-world environments. 

CASEY produced the five-film campaign, Leading the Charge alongside a highly technical team. A Technocrane allowed the directors to create much more energetic, nimble, and fluid images than shooting on the road with a traditional arm car would permit.

Instead, the road was projected in the studio, to create a seamless atmospheric element. Each shot was imbued with gravity-defying dynamism and fluidity while a distinct palette of colored light helped differentiate the models, accentuating form and features of the cars. 


The spots premiered during the 2024 Masters.