Lexus Aura directed by Carlo Van de Roer and Satellite Lab

Carlo Van de Roer and Satellite Lab directed the new film for Lexus, "Aura Experiment." The challenge was to try and make energy and emotions visible through the use of aura photography. Carlo and Satellite Lab achieved this using high tech bio feedback technology which takes photos of a person's dynamic elctromagnetic field. 


Within the film, the aura photography demonstrates how people’s energy is elevated after experiencing a Lexus vehicle. 


Each subject was monitored before and after their experience in the Lexus using two different methods.


The first method was via an eSense product that measured “Skin response, also known as galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR) or skin conductance (SC) which is a method for measuring your skin’s electrical conductance, which varies with its moisture level. Conductance is measured in µSiemens (µS) and is the inverse of electrical resistance.”


The second method was via an Auracam 6000. “The AuraCam gathers data from your client with hand sensors that take electro-dermal and temperature readings. Using a proprietary algorithm, a representation of aura colors are then projected onto a client’s headshot.”


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