Flonase: Allergic to Love, Wildlife Photography

CASEY presents Allergic to Love, a dating show for allergy sufferers commissioned by Flonase. The four-episode web series sees a lineup of six bachelors fighting through sneezes for the heart of one nature enthusiast. 

Our nature loving star is Tish, a resolute outdoorswoman who keeps an ear attuned to birds’ calls, a garden trowel in her purse and her dog Mini faithfully at her side. She is looking for love. As to the boy, they can handle anything! Well… except for pollen. And grass. And dogs.

Emmy-Award winning Jeannie Mai plays host, seeing the challengers through a series of very allergy-inducing elimination dates, such as wildlife photography, while providing some much-needed allergy advice!

Shot in the beautiful outskirts of Bogota, Colombia with a multinational team, Allergic to Love is a CASEY production for FCB NY, PXP Studios, and Weber Shandwick and was directed by Tessa Greenberg.



Date #1: Wildlife Photography