FC:B + Every Carcass Like a Diamond

Director Favourite Colour: Black paints a dark but incisive picture of commercial modelling in his new experimental film


The short was an official selection in the prestigious Istambul Fashion Film Festival



Fusing fashion and poetry, Every Carcass Like a Diamond takes head-first dive into the world of commercial modeling, where creativity and personhood wage a losing battle against exploit and commodification. The film is a strobic nightmare that sees an unnamed protagonist, a model, haunted by faceless forces to whom art has neither meaning nor inherent cultural value, and bodies are no more sacred than the scanter drapes that cover them.



But the personas the model embodies in a series of abstract photoshoots soon show an essence of their own, and start to break character into something more dangerous and harder to control. Chris Tuner, a.k.a. Favourite Colour: Black, adds a few extra doses of stylization to his signature surrealism to make familiar figures from fashion turn strange. The result is at once alienating and intensely human.


This is the director’s second short film for the past year to gain international acclaim, following the thematically akin but formally diametrical Leopard Heels, which screened at Screamfest, the BAFTA accredited Bolton Film Festival, and won the audience award at the NYC Halloween Festival—it has also been selected to appear on ALTER in Spring, 2023.


Commercially, Favourite Colour: Black has partnered with brands including Jaguar, Adidas, Honda, AMC, and Sprint, as well as a diverse range of musical artists such as Birdy, Hurts, Jay-Z, Jax Jones, The Vamps, and Gazelle Twin.


Every Carcass Like a Dream is available on YouTube and stars Alina Allison. It was co-written with Mark Prime and designed by Jivomir Domoustchiev.