Favourite Colour: Black

CASEY welcomes director Favourite Colour: Black  


CASEY is thrilled to bring director Chris Turner aka Favourite Colour: Black on board.


FC:B A commercial and film director specializing in VFX and live action storytelling, is known for his “in-camera blend of technical genius and visual artistry”. Hailing from the UK and with a background in graphic design, Chris is a visual mastermind and possesses a unique vision for combining artistry and tech. A keen film-photographer, Chris regularly shoots portraits with people he meets throughout the course of his work.


Winning such awards as the One Show Gold and D&AD, FC:B’s commercial clients include Jaguar, Adidas, AMC, Sprint, and Honda — which includes perhaps one of his most recognizable spots, The Evolution of Stunts. Developed for Honda, the spot recreates cinema’s most iconic stunts, taking the audience on a journey of how these famous film stunts were done.


View Favourite Colour: Black here.