Bill Phelps Featured in Mr Porter

Bill Phelps was featured in Mr Porter's travel photographer series which highlighted a favorite place of his, Ireland, and some favorite pictures taken during one trip. 


“After decades of travelling, and literally millions of picture frames, I’m on pause. In a world so confused, so heartbroken, so full of fear and uncertainty, I find my memories to be all I have at times. Some are loaded with passion, surfing on adrenaline, the raw, the new, the young. Today, I find myself drifting to the comforting, solid, authentic beauty of another love, Ireland. Though I have never lived in Ireland, I most definitely have a special relationship with it. My first editorial travel assignment, given to me by the gifted and trusting Jennifer Laski, the then-photo editor of Departures magazine, was in the wilds of Connemara. I had ridden a bicycle across the country some 10 years earlier, and had now found my way back. I wish we could wake up there tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then soon, I know Ireland will still be there for me.”




View Bill's Ireland here.