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David Shama

David Shama

"David Shama likes grain, dirt, old stuff and eating outside when it’s warm. Curiously enough, you can see this naturalist approach in his work, emanating the heat of sunlight and projecting the relaxed gracefulness of old school heroines on the girls of today. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, Shama spent a few years in Argentina before moving to Paris, where he currently lives and works as a fashion photographer, while still maintaining a few artistic and personal projects. His adventurous, impulse-driven character shows in a body of work that is clear, easy, spontaneous and effective in its storytelling, translating into the relatable emotional charge of the people he photographs.


"My work is all about story telling, I believe that pictures don't have to be obviously narrative to convey a story, sometimes the simplest portrait can tell more then a very constructed scenario. I'm trying to convey something that can tickle someone else’s imagination"


David Currently Lives and works in New York.



Select Clients:

American Apparel, Wonderland, Zadig et Voltaire, L’Officiel, Kenzo, Flaunt, Dazed and Confused